Our Favourite Chocolate Cake

Crafted using the best artisanal dark chocolate from Barry Callebaut.

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That Chocolate Cake is made using our specialty chocolate fudge, which has been blended with the best artisanal dark chocolate. Three layers of tasty chocolate sponge wrapped between rich, velvety dark chocolate fudge that can be tailored to your preference.

Choose between our Signature Chocolate Fudge Cake, the Extra Dark version, or the Sea Salt Chocolate version. Find out more about our flavours.

That Chocolate Cake is an indulgent and mellow treat that is created for every one, from die-hard chocolate aficionados to those with lighter tastebuds. That Chocolate Cake was created because we believe that everyone deserves a celebratory treat.

All our cakes are made individually so we can customise them for every customer. That Chocolate Cake is made to your liking.

That Chocolate Cake is made for you