Our Favourite Chocolate Cake
5" chocolate cake

Our Story 

When I was just a little girl, my mum will always get a customised chocolate cake from a home baker for every special occasion. In my opinion, that was the best chocolate cake, but it has been lost since my teenage years.

Many years have gone by and I have not found a similar chocolate cake that contains the rich and moist cake layers alongside the thick and velvety chocolate fudge. This led me to research and try out various chocolate cake recipes, and many attempts and modifications later, I arrived at this wonderful tasting cake.

I created That Chocolate Cake for birthdays and celebrations so that everyone can savour the rich, chocolatey flavours that I had when I was younger. My experimentation with different recipes also made me realise that even amongst chocolate lovers, people had subtle and unique preferences for chocolates. This led to the creation of the Extra Dark, and Sea Salt versions of That Chocolate Cake.

That Chocolate Cake is a simple homemade chocolate cake that was created with passion, so that everyone can experience a lovely, decadent treat on their special occasions.

Celebrating Moments With Your Special Ones

cake whiskey

A toast to life.

Simple. Homely. Indulgent.

That Chocolate Cake is a chocolatey dessert that anyone can enjoy without feeling overly bloated. That Chocolate Cake was created so that you can have a guilt-free indulgence for all your celebrations.

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Our Brand

A vibrant splash of colours, of light pastels and a tinted blue. That Chocolate Cake was designed for simplicity, to celebrate moments, to tell a story – one that is shared between friends and family.

What is your story?